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Project Outline Template

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Project Outline

     I. Team & Associates

          A. Principals/Management Team

          B. Legal/Accounting/Insurance/Banking

          C. Advisory Board

     II. Research/Opportunity Analysis

          A. Industry & Market Research

          B. Competitor Research

          C. IP Research

     III. Development Plan

          A. Development Timeline & Gantt Chart

          B. Growth Plan

     IV. Marketing

          A. Customer Analysis

          B. Marketing Communications

          C. Product Mix & Pricing

     V. Operations

          A. Facilities & Equipment

          B. Distribution

          C. Suppliers

          D. Employees

    VI. Legal

          A. Legal Form/Tax Status

          B. Intellectual Property

     VII. Finances

          A. Financial Planning

          B. Financing Sources

     VIII. Product Development

          A. Design & Engineering

          C. Prototyping & Testing

     IX. Resources

          A. Web Resources

          B. Software Resources

          C. Other Resources



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